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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions customers ask us

If you want a backup solution that you have to figure out on your own, send multiple emails back and forth to get a solution, we recommend you try our competition. If on the other hand, you appreciate caring and attentive phone support and live tech support on your computer, whether to get started or restore your files back on your computer, then we recommend you try us.

Skyvault360 is our business name. Livedrive is the name of the computer backup software we use.


Simple. Sign up for a free trial, you’ll be prompted to download the program, called “Livedrive”, and follow the installation instructions. Use your email address and password you created when you signed up and the backup program will automatically begin backing up your desktop folders.

Yes, our backup software uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), an industry-standard cipher used to encrypt data to keep it private. The US government and military use this type of cipher to keep classified data secure.

Once started, the Livedrive will automatically identify the most common folders on your Hard Drive such as Desktop, Documents, Photos, Videos, and Music. Have extra folders you want to add? No problem, there is a feature where you can also add additional folders.

Livedrive is intended to backup folders and files. It will back up documents, photos, videos, and music files. It is not intended to back up applications or system files.

In the backup window control center, you will find a word that says “Web.” Click on it. It will take you to a webpage called “Devices.” You will see a computer screen with a yellow button that says “View Files.” After you click on the button, you can view the folders backed up. Click on any folder to see the contents. To go back to the previous page, click the button “Up a Level.”

It really depends on how much space you are backing up and how many files you have. Think of the back up much like line up at a movie theatre. Each person has to go through the same process of asking for their order, making a payment, and getting issued a receipt. Each file has to go through a similar process of getting scanned, uploaded to the backup cloud, and being marked as complete.

No, if your computer is turn off or asleep, Livedrive will be paused. As long as your computer is on and you are logged in to your Livedrive account, Livedrive will continue to back up your files and folders.

Free Trails & Payments

We’re confident that If you decide that this isn’t a fit for you, please contact us at and we’ll cancel your free trial and your credit card will not be charged.

If you have only family member, you can purchase a PlusOne Upgrade Plan at a 20% discount for $57.50/year.

If you have multiple family members, you can upgrade to a Family Plan for $143.88/year which covers five computers.

At the bottom of our webpage is a link entitled, “Cancellations.” Click on it, fill the form, and press the button “Submit.” We’ll be in touch with you and help facilitate the cancellation process?

After you receive your new credit card, simply go to theUpdate Payment section and update your credit card information.

Technical Support

Absolutely, if you feel unsure at any stage in setting up your back up properly, we are here to help! Simply contact us by clicking here and schedule an appointment. We believe in the saying, “Measure twice, cut once.” In the unfortunate event, your computer crashes, you’ll be glad that this step was done correctly.

If you have doubts about your back up, feel free to book an appointment with our tech support team here.

Contact a local, trustworthy IT professional to get your computer back online, or if it’s toast and you can afford it, buy a new computer. Once you start up your existing or new computer, you can book an appointment with our tech support team here and we’ll help you get your files back.

For any questions that are not covered in the list below, please contact us via.

Live Chat: On our website Mon-Fri (8am-4pm MT)